Divorce Planning
Special Solutions is a financial planning firm that specializes in Divorce Planning.

In 1997, divorce statistics indicated that the likelihood of a new marriage ending in divorce was 43%. Today this percentage is closer to 50%. For second marriages, the percentage of divorce is 60%. 

Divorce is stressful for all those affected by the situation, especially in addressing the financial elements. There are a number of methods to accomplish obtaining a divorce. They vary from the couple doing it all on their own to the other end of the spectrum where a judge makes the decision through a litigation process. Cost will vary depending on the process chosen, but cost should not be the deciding factor. The key is to have a strong circle of support, getting expert advice in making your decision.

Regardless of the form of divorce, financial issues need to be addressed in an unemotional manner to accomplish an equitable division of assets. Our goal is to develop a plan for each individual’s financial future, with an eye toward ensuring all are able to positively move forward in life after the divorce process is completed.

Special Solutions has been working in the divorce arena since 2007 and collaborative divorce since 2009. Special Solutions works with parents to gain control of the divorce process by addressing aggravating and tedious details. John and Tawney, as a Certified Divorce Financial Advisor™ and a Certified Financial Divorce Specialist respectively, help clients with:

•    Preparation of a financial affidavit–historical family budget, temporary and post-divorce budgets, child support and maintenance calculations
•    Financial modeling of property settlement proposals
•    Income tax and cash flow analysis
•    Valuation of pension and retirement benefits
•    Historical wage analysis
•    House sales tax analysis, refinance, qualifying for a mortgage
•    Rebuttal reports

Special Needs Planning
John and Tawney help families define their version of the future for their loved one with special needs, while taking steps to address the fears that keep them up at night. By guiding clients through the planning process, John is able to help clients create and implement a long-term plan for care for their loved one with special needs.

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